Document Library

In this section we have collated a variety of documents related to NREN development and value. For ease of reference, the document library has been categorised into key areas:

Target audience

Documents to assist in making the case towards key stakeholders as outlined in the section making the case for an NREN.


Documents with focus on economic benefits of NRENs, organisation/best practice of NRENs and general overviews and foresight studies on NRENs and research and education networking.

Essential NREN reading

A set of papers providing a concise overview of economic benefits, organisational best practice and service pricing of NRENs.

All documents

The list is by no means exhaustive, but we hope that it provides a useful source to tap into for making the case for NRENs and research and education networking in general.

We welcome additions to this library. Please send any material you think is relevant in furthering the case of NRENs to

Need assistance?

If you would like help in using these tools, templates and documents, contact us.

If you are an NREN starting up and need advice and guidance, research and education networking representatives in your region are available to assist and mentor you.​​​​​​​​

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