Business model

Within a business model you should describe your organisation in terms of:

  • its mission;
  • means to reach this mission;
  • the organisational structure required to accomplish this;
  • a forecast of expenditures and income.

It is essential that emerging NRENs in particular prepare such a document. It is a key element in persuading current and prospective members, and other stakeholders, of what you wish to accomplish and how you envisage it can be done.

The process

There is no ‘standard’ business model formula – each NREN needs to develop its own model, taking local circumstances into account and working in conjunction with key stakeholders. Often the process of developing the business model is more important than the business model itself, as the process creates a strong sense of ownership among NREN members and other stakeholders.

Additional information on how to develop a sound business model is available from our approach.

Useful examples and background reading

The following documents provide guidance and further insight in to developing an NREN business plan.

Outline of a business model that has successfully been used in Africa and Central Asia

The NREN business model

NREN functions and organisational best practice

NREN blueprint for Barbados

Ensuring NREN sustainability

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