This section is dedicated to selected existing NRENs who have achieved successful positions and thus become more sustainable. Such positions are outlined in more detail in the section What is a successful NREN?

These showcases are designed to serve as examples to NRENs that may find themselves in a similar situation, offering guidance and examples on how to improve sustainability.

Showcase examples:

ZAMREN (Zambia) Showcases - ZAMREN
MARWAN (Morocco)Showcases - MARWAN
ARN​ (Algeria)Showcases - ARN

Share your experience

We encourage other NRENs to share their experience in getting established. For your convenience, we have prepared a showcase template. Please download and send the completed template via the contact form.

Need assistance?

If you would like help in using these tools, templates and documents, contact us.

If you are an NREN starting up and need advice and guidance, research and education networking representatives in your region are available to assist and mentor you.​​​​​​​​

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