Talking to your funders

This section contains a range of economic impact studies of NRENs which we hope will assist you in your interactions with government agencies and other potential donors.

Characterisation of the socio-economic importance of the Brazilian NREN
An extensive overview of the socio-economic advantages of the Brazilian NREN RNP.​

The value of direct EU-China connectivity for R&E
An analysis of the economic value and impact of the ORIENTplus link.

The role and status of NRENs in Africa
This report by Michael Foley, on behalf of the World Bank, provides guidance to governments, institutions, and development partners on how to approach the provision of ICT services to the higher education and research community in Africa.

Analysis of the economical benefits of CANARIE
​​An economic benefits analysis of the Canadian NREN CANARIE with the purpose of investigating and quantifying the impact, in economic and monetary terms, that CANARIE has had on the Canadian economy as both an R&E network and research and development funding body.

NRENs – the economic case
There are various economic benefits that an NREN can bring to a country, particular as a knowledge procurer of services and as a barometer of market competitiveness. This paper deals with how an NREN can contribute to national value.

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