Case examples

This section presents a variety of case examples that outline some of the main building blocks for a successful and sustainable NREN. A brief outline and explanatory notes are provided below.

What is a successful NREN?

The first section includes an overview of what a successful NREN is and the fine balance between financial security, government support and other factors to achieve sustainability. We introduce the concept of the sweet spot as the ideal place an NREN should strive for to reach optimal success.

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Published cases

This section presents several published cases to serve as examples and guidelines for new and emerging NRENs.

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We have also selected a number of NRENs that have succeeded in moving towards the sweet spot as introduced above. These examples on how to achieve sustainability are presented as showcases.

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Need assistance?

If you would like help in using these tools, templates and documents, contact us.

If you are an NREN starting up and need advice and guidance, research and education networking representatives in your region are available to assist and mentor you.​​​​​​​​

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